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Changes and Cancellation Policy

You (”you” or the “Client”) are engaging Crackitt, Digital Web Solutions Pty Ltd (“us”,“we” or “Crackitt”) as an independent contractor for creating a video, infographic and related services (the “Services”). In consideration of the mutual obligations specified in this Visual Marketing Services Agreement (the “Agreement”), the parties, intending to be legally bound hereby, agree to the provisions of this Agreement.

  1. The cost of the video agreed upon is. The payment schedule followed will be 50% before initiation and 50% against delivery.
  2. There shall be 2(Two) Revisions each allowed at the Script and Story Board stages
  3. There shall be no amendments in the script once the Client approves the Script and the Story Board Stage is initiated. However, amendments in the Script can be allowed subject to payment of an additional fee depending on the scope of the change and as decided by Crackitt
  4. At the stage of Story Board 2 (Two) revisions shall be allowed to the Client. A story Board is a detailed representation defining the Transitions, scenes etc. Therefore once the Story Board stands approved all details with respect to concept, colour, theme, transition etc. stand approved. Additional scene editing in the Story Board after the 2 Revisions can be done depending on the scope of the change and as decided by Crackitt
  5. If your project includes a voiceover, you may request 1 round of minor changes to the voiceover, including changes to the tone, emphasis or pronunciation. Major changes to the voiceover, like script edits and additions, are $100 per round and will be added to the final invoice
  6. Animation is limited to 2 rounds of revisions. These included revisions must be related to the approved storyboard. Revisions or requests that are outside of the initial project description, such as scenes or ideas not included in the initial discussions or storyboard, will be considered out of scope
    1. Changes at this stage shall be allowed only with respect to the following:
      • Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
      • Animations that departs substantially from the animation guidance in the approved story board
      • Timing issues where the on screen movement does not match the voice over
      • Sound problems such as volumes, sound effect, placement or timing of either
      • Any other occasional default solely subject to the discretion of Crackitt
    2. However, any change other than the changes mentioned above like changes requested in the animation stage with respect to colour, theme, poses, angles, zooming, camera view, motions are considered out of scope
    3. All background music used in the video shall be stock audio (single track) with normal license. For form of customised music charges shall be extra as applicable
  7. Refund and Cancellation is possible before initiation of the project. Once, Crackitt initiates work on the project, the following policy will apply:
    1. Post Script Stage: 40% refund of 50% advance
    2. Post Storyboard Stage: 25% refund of 50% advance
    3. Post Voiceover Stage: 10% refund of 50% advance
    4. Post graphics Stage: No refund
    5. Post Animation Stage: The Client is liable to pay Crackitt full price of the agreed amount