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29 . 09 . 15

People hate ads. Although marketing is still at the core of any business success, we wouldn’t want you to stick with just the traditional advertising methods. Because it might not work for today’s “anti-advertising” generation (Dropbox learned that the hard way). We here reveal stories of how certain businesses generated leads and customers, and earned revenue. Ten Creative Ways of Generating Leads And Customers:

10 Common Design Terms To Get You On Conversation With Designers

25 . 09 . 15

Chances are you got a mail from your designer and you have been googling down a few words that had you scratching your head. You could have replied saying, “I didn’t understand your previous mail. I have no idea what crop marks and bleed marks mean. Can you use simple words? I don’t speak design.” But you don’t like to say that. After all, you have google by your side, and this article to help you understand the few impo

5 Reasons Rotating Banners Kill Conversion (& 5 Better Homepage Carousel Designs)

23 . 09 . 15

Rotating banners, to put it simply, are visual slideshows running on a loop at the top of your homepage. In the web designer’s community, these rotating banners or image sliders are rather referred to by a nobler term, that is, carousels. But for marketers, rotating banners are just a promotional area, where they display 4 to 8 promotional messages, a mix of images, videos or texts, in an auto-rotating loop. While it’s a cl


14 . 09 . 15

You have got your sleeves pulled up to write the coolest line ever for your next Facebook post, and although it won’t get you any writing awards, you are at least hoping for a few thousand likes and some hundred shares. That’s not too much to ask for, right? It’s not but you have got your priorities all wrong. More important than the likes and shares is how you present your company to the public on Facebook. By this, I refer to