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How to get a great Explainer Video?

01 . 03 . 16

The biggest secret to creating a great video is in the first step itself. Nope, it’s not the script or the concept or the team of designers or the production house you have teamed up with. The secret is in how well does the creative team know your business. Yes. That’s the real key to video success! And all those wildly successful stories you hear? The real difference was in the way the product or service was communicated. Le

Using Persuasion Technique To Create Killer Graphics

12 . 02 . 16

We already know that people connect more with graphics than words. They are easy to identify with, take lesser effort to understand and fall in the category of ‘relaxation’ rather than ‘effort’. Precisely, the reason for rise in graphical content or video content across the Internet. But how can we use them to take our brand message forward? What type of persuasion techniques can we use so we are actually able to incre

How Explainer Videos Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Sales?

22 . 01 . 16

High bounce rate is a bad news for business. Simply put, bounce rate is the percentage of people who landed on your website and left (or bounced) without interacting with it. In terms of business, bounce rate means that you are killing your prospects and chances of sales. It’s like this. Prospects land on your website to investigate your product, to understand if your business solves their problems and meets their requirements.

Forget Text, Your Business Needs Video Articles (5 Reasons)

20 . 01 . 16

Simply put, a video article is a video that educates. They make use of graphics and storytelling to help your business engage with audience, get new subscribers and even build brand loyalty in customers. However, they are not designed to sell your product. A video that sells your product is either a commercial ad or an explainer video, and such product videos are typically of 30-60 seconds long. A video article, on the other hand,