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5 Reasons Why Your Online Accountancy Practice Can Benefit From A Video

22 . 06 . 16

“The accounting profession is built on relationships. If someone can see what you’re like and like what they see, they’re more likely to give you a call.” That was Mark Wickersham, the Group Chief Executive of an association of 300 accountants, talking about the powerful opportunity that video content marketing presents for accountants in this digital age. Companies are looking for professional accountants like you, but no

How much does an Explainer Video cost?

01 . 06 . 16

An Explainer Video, like a website, is an investment. The fundamentals behind building a great website all hold true for an Explainer Video too. Just like in creating a website, the team handling it makes all the difference to the final product. Therefore, to say that an Explainer Video costs ‘X’ would be a fallacy. A great Explainer Video can cost anywhere from $5000 to $10000, with many agencies charging even up till $10

8 Different Types Of Business Videos To Grab More Customers (& How You Make Them)

12 . 05 . 16

Ever since the Old Spice shook the advertising world with the “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” viral video campaign, big and small businesses have started investing on videos like crazy, hoping to repeat P&G’s Old Spice success (the sales skyrocketed by a whopping 107%). Or even that of Dropbox, who drove 10 million extra signups and $48,000,0000 of extra revenue from their 2 minute explainer video. Go figure! Old Spice

Guidelines To Crafting A Great Story For Your Explainer Video

12 . 05 . 16

Your business is not about how many features or services you offer to your customers but rather the difference you make in their lives. Our explainer video captures this “difference” and transforms it into a powerful story that makes prospective customers click. Why Tell A Story? With the human attention spans dropping down to 8 seconds and the data pool rising up every minute, your consumers might not be in the mood for anoth